Choosing the Right Vape Juice

E-cigs and Vape products are intended as an alternative to cigarettes. When choosing your vape juice, it’s important to find a company that you like and trust. Many companies add unnatural sweeteners to their vape juice, which increases the flavor, but also increases the additives. Others might be so new that they have very little reputation to run off of Here are some tips and cautions in choosing your favorite vape juice.

Do you have a sudden sweet tooth?

Sweeteners that are added may cause tooth decay! A new study suggests that sugary bi-products of vape juice may increase your chances for cavities. While there is no definite way to screen for whether or not your favorite e liquid has added sweeteners, usually your pallet doesn’t lie. Many natural flavors like fruit or tobacco have less additives than dessert flavors. It’s important to be mindful of this when choosing flavors, as it may affect your coils and lessen your vaping experience. Finding the best vape juice of 2016 will have many factors to consider, so it’s important to keep in mind which qualities you’re looking for and which qualities you’re looking to avoid.

How long have they been established?

There are many juice companies that have been around since the beginning of the rise of the vape. By choosing a local store, you can ask questions and develop a relationship with the folks who run the shop. Usually, by becoming a regular in a store, owners and employees will feel comfortable offering their opinions as to which juices have passed all of the regulatory tests, which have the best reputations, which juices have qualified to become the best vape juice of 2016, and which ones to avoid. Vaping is much like any other industry, where the experts will offer their advice when asked. Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions, everyone had to start out as a newbie at some point.

What is their reputation?

In the vape community, many companies develop a reputation. Whether through word of mouth, or through online forums such as Reddit, many companies are willing to receive feedback and to discuss their products and ingredients. A quick search for the best vape juice of 2016 can do wonders in helping to make a decision before purchasing your juice.

When all else fails, trust your instinct

Although now the law is that you must be to try, most shops allow you to taste test their products for a small fee. By testing the product in store, you’re supporting local business as well as trying out the product before you purchase it. Trying your juice out is a great way to know whether or not you’ll be able to vape an entire bottle of it, as well as a great opportunity to discover a product you might not have known existed.

Have some fun with your search for the perfect juice. Everybody’s tastes are different and luckily today, as vaping has become much more popular, the different flavors and products have grown exponentially, allowing your vape experience to custom fit your tastes and needs. To find the best new vape juice os 2016, the best method we can suggest is to trust your gut and to try a new one. In store is obviously suggested, but our reviews and other reviews can help you to find the perfect flavor.

Sites like ours, and other sites also offer reviews for the best vape juices of 2016, so that other folks who vape, much like you, can express whether or not they truly love a product, or whether you should avoid that product. Eventually, your taste buds will become second nature and you’ll know which juices will last and which ones may leave you feeling unsatisfied. We’re always open to questions and inquiries about our products or other products, so feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions about a specific vape juice or product. We’ll do our best to get back to you in a timely, and helpful manner.

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