The Dangers Of Long-Term Marijuana Abuse


The Dangers Of Long-Term Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana is known as the cheapest and widely used drug that could be found throughout the world. People who are using marijuana, they think that it doesn’t have any harmful ingredient in itself. But they forget that each and every drug has its own destructive power. And marijuana has also an effect on mind and Body. When you consume the marijuana, you may see that this drug directly goes to our mind. And long term or short term use both have its destructive power.

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Marijuana is such a drug that forces our human body to create a chemical reaction named endocannabinoids. And this chemical reaction creates THC. This chemical reaction works through the nervous system of the human body. And the body gets involved with the chemical reaction. And that endocannabinoids have many receptive centers in the body that works as a representative of the good things in the body like protection of damaged tissue, muscle reduction and so on.  So we can compare marijuana as a unique one in the drug world. But it has the destructive value in itself. They occur, memory loss, muscle ache, a higher level of pain in the whole body, Mood change, pressure, insomnia and so on.

A long time use of marijuana has a lot of effective and destructive value. Because the daily basis of smoking of marijuana could cause you pressure on your brain. The long-term use of marijuana is truly connected with memory. Yes, you heard it right. It causes a connection with memory. As like, it causes memory loss. And the memory loss may be short-term memory loss. The heavy user of cannabis is found that they are having hallucination problem. They are trying to put a false memory that doesn’t happen with them. Such memory loss also could happen in such long-term uses.

Teenagers may face a little problem than the adults’ one. And this marijuana problem arises more to the adults’ one. As their taking time or inhaling time are more than the teens. People may find a problem in thinking problem. They could think for a reason. Their thinking power abolishes with the passage of time. And this is another reason for the long-term use of marijuana.

People easily get older with the long-term use of marijuana. Because they find it more pressurize on themselves and they couldn’t cope up with the situation they are facing at their younger age to the adulthood. So the marijuana taking causes age problem.

Heart problem is the acuest one, because all the people who are involved with marijuana face this problem. People, who take cannabis for more than 4-5 years or more than that, are the most probable candidates for heart attack. Not only that, stoke could be another gift that they would be reviving for involved long time with marijuana.

Not only the health issue is created for taking marijuana or cannabis for a long time, but then also the psychological problem is also created in a human’s body. So these are the dangers of taking marijuana for a long time.

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