Does Smoking Cause Anxiety?

Does Smoking Cause Anxiety?

It’s no secret that nicotine is a stimulant. As a stimulant, it can indeed cause anxiety. However, smoking and vaping can also seem to calm anxiety in moments of stress. Smoking all day can lead to overall anxiety, or anxiety when you’re trying to go to sleep. To learn more about bedtime anxiety, you can read Anxiety at Night – 19 Ways to Work with Evening Anxiety.

Nicotine is a type of drug known as a stimulant. As a stimulant, nicotine increases activity in the central nervous system. This puts the mind and body into a heightened level of activity. There are many ways the CNS can be activated, and stimulants are just one.

There has been quite a bit of research linking stimulants to increased anxiety. Anxiety and caffeine have a well-documented history. The tricky part with stimulants like nicotine is that they may seem to temporarily relieve symptoms of anxiety. However, the long-term effects are often an increase in anxiety.

If you’re experiencing anxiety during the day or at night, it may be from ingesting stimulants like nicotine. One way this comes up strongly for many people is at night when trying to go to bed. You go about your day, feel no anxiety. Then, your head hits the pillow and the anxiety really gets going.

For many people, this is completely normal. It happens regularly.

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