Best Vape Mods

Best Vape Mods

It’s hard to say what the best vape mod is, but these are some of our favorite pieces available. Our opinion on what the best box mod is depends on what you are looking for. Some people like temperature control mods, while others prefer a smaller, portable box. Personally, we use the RX200S by WISMEC and absolutely love it. With the right tank, it’s simply the best box mod for clouds. It’s powerful, has the capacity for three batteries, is durable, and comfortable in the hand. We also love the IPV8 by Pioneer4you, as it is a bit smaller but still has a lot of power.We have an IPV8 we use to travel with often, as it is more portable.

Take a look at what we think the best vape mods are. If you have any questions, want us to review your vape mod, or think we are missing a great piece here, email us at Happy vaping!

RX200S by WimsecRX200S by Wimsec

The RX200S by Wimsec is simply our favorite vape mod. We have tried and used a ton of different pieces and have found the RX200S to be the best box mod out there. It holds three batteries, is beautiful, and holds its own in the durability category. The RX200S is sturdy and can take a few drops here and there. The reason we think this piece is the best vape mod on the market is how ergonomic the styling is. The RX200S fits perfectly in the hand, and is unrivaled in its comfort.

IPV5 by Pioneer4YouIPV5 by Pioneer4You

The IPV5 by Pioneer4You is another one of our personal favorite vape mods. A bit smaller than the RX200S up above, the IPV5 is the best vape mod to take on the go. Running up to 200 watts, this piece is reliable, sturdy, powerful, and sleek. With it’s sleek design, it fits in the hand super comfortably. Unlike many other smaller mods, the IPV5 offers top-tier temperature control modes. As far as smaller vape mods go, the IPV5 is #1 on our list. We use it when we’re traveling or want something that fits in the pocket comfortably.

Alien Kit by SmokTechAlien Kit by SmokTech

First of all, SmokTech makes some solid tanks and mods. We love everything they produce. The Alien Kit is a great step up from a beginner’s mod and kit. We only just tried this kit a few weeks ago for the first time and already love it. This vape mod has a large OLED display, holds two batteries, and is super comfortable to hold. With normal wattage mode and a temperature control mode, the Alien Kit is a premium piece without the premium price tag. With this kit, the TFV8 Baby Beast tank is included. Our favorite part of the Alien Kit is how light and comfortable it is in the hand. Running up to 220 watts, this piece from SmokTech is truly one of the best kits out there. Highly recommend!


The new VGOD PRO 150 is a top of the line piece. Perhaps the best luxury box mod out there, the VGOD PRO 150 carries a serious price tag. The price reflects its value, as this vape mod is incredibly strong, sexy, and lightweight. Made from carbon fiber, the brushed metal body is both beautiful and durable. Running at up to 150 watts, this piece has powerful temperature control modes, a unique MECH mode, and supports quite a few different coil types. If you’re looking for a true top-tier vaping experience, we recommend this mod 100%.

RX300 by Wismec

Yes, another piece from Wimsec! The RX300 is the even bigger brother to the RX200S. Running off of four batteries with a maximum output of 300 watts, this mod is a beast of power. With four batteries, you can run the RX300 for quite some time without needing to recharge. Like it’s sibling, the RX300 has temperature control mode and upgradeable firmware. The new screen shows the remaining battery life of each individual battery. This piece isn’t light and may not travel super easily, but is a sturdy producer of clouds that you will be able to rely on for your daily vaping at home.