Why Do Sober People Vape?

Why do sober people vape?

Why Do Sober People Vape?

If you are in recovery you have probably noticed that lots of sober people vape. It is normal to see huge clouds when you are standing outside of an AA meeting or to hear announcements that ask people not to hit e-cigarettes during meetings. So we started wondering why it has caught on so big with this community. In order to find out we asked we some people who are in recovery why they vape and here is what we came up with: It’s better than smoking

1. Makes alcohol cravings more manageable

Some people say they vape because it helps them not crave alcohol so much. When they feel the urge to drink they can vape instead. Even if vaping is just another thing to pick up, it is less harmful for many people than continuing to use alcohol. We want to be clear, if you are having trouble quitting drinking you should seek professional help. Some people need drug intervention services in order to quit. Addiction is not something to mess with and if you need help there is help available!

2. It is hard to give up everything all at once

Some people who are in recovery say it is hard to quit everything all at once. This is especially true for people with cross addictions. When people are addicted to multiple substances or behaviors it can be hard to stop everything all at once. In order to cope with this some people pick up smoking, caffeine, or sugar. Other people decide to start vaping.

3. It gives me something to keep busy with

Talk to people in recovery and they will tell you at first they want to stay on the move. When you get bored is when you start thinking about using. Vaping is a hobby like anything else that can take up time and spark someone’s curiosity. If you are spending time with friends vaping it is better than getting loaded.

4. Helps me quit nicotine

This is probably one of our favorite reasons for vaping. It is a great way to quit using nicotine. People in recovery struggle with addiction so often they don’t want to stay addicted to nicotine forever. Of course, there is no such thing as no nicotine cigarettes. So instead, they opt for vaping and slowly step down their nicotine use until they are using e-liquid that doesn’t have any nicotine at all.

Final Thoughts

Lots of people in the recovery community vape. Just because you decide to vape it doesn’t mean you can’t stay sober or that you are doing anything wrong. In fact, for some people it is a tool that helps them stay away from other more harmful substances.

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